Paris Purchase Receipts

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  1. Ok for those of you that have been lucky enough to purchase LV from Paris, are the receipts really all in English as some sellers on eBay seem to be showing?? I guess I just assumed it would be in French and not in USD am I right or not :confused1: ? What about other country's as well? Wouldn't the reciept be in their native language as well?
  2. Hi,
    I went to the Paris store once and my reciept was in French. I live in Belgium and here my reciepts are in French and Dutch. For Paris, maybe it depends off which language you speak? But the French are proud of their language, so maybe they always do int in French...
    It's not a big help, sorry :s
  3. In Italy they are in EUR and french language
  4. I'm from Australia and the Paris receipts i got were áll in French and Euro Currency, down to "Australie"
  5. Thanks so much girls! That is the way I was thinking it should be, so a receipt for a purse bought in Paris would be in French. I hate all these fakes on eBay and it's driving me crazy when they are very good fakes. Thanks again!!;)
  6. I am French, I do confirm that the reicepts are in French and the prices are in Euros in Paris and in every LV stores in France.
  7. Swiss gal but I second that from my own experience :yes:
  8. I know that in some stores you can pay in your own currency when you're paying with CC. In London they changed the currency from pounds to euros in Hermes and Gucci.
  9. When buying LV in Paris, all receipts I have ever got were always in french. In my local LV (Stockholm, Sweden) the receipts are in english and swedish mixed.