Paris prices

  1. Hi,

    Can those lucky TPFers who got their loot from Paris please tell us the items you bought and what prices you paid ??

    That will be useful for us the gauge how much cheaper Hermes is in Paris :nuts:

    TIA :heart: :heart:
  2. OOOH that would be great!
  3. I bought 35cm Indigo Fjord from Paris boutique @ $6150 last June. It was 2006 production and the price without tax.
  4. Oh, how I wish I could take a trip to Paris! :crybaby:

  5. Is it USD or Euros ???

    Thanks but since we are from all over the world, I think we should state the currency to prevent confusion ;)
  6. August 2006:

    Fuschia ostrich Birkin 35, Euro 9650 before detaxe.

    I also bought a Bearn compact wallet in ostrich. Forgot exactly how much and recepits stashed somewhere but in region of Euro 1,500.
  7. I know someone who went to Paris lately and she said with the weak dollar and the exchange rate being what it is, it comes out the same for us American tourists as if we purchased locally.
  8. I bought my 30 BJ Togo birkin in June 06 for 4500Euros. I was able to get 450Euros refunded, so it works out to be 4050Euros. I think that's still cheaper than US prices.
  9. Its cheaper by usd2k !
    Wow, that can get you 3 Karo clutches :nuts:

    I must go paris !!! The more you buy, the more you 'save', hence you can buy more :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  10. ^^ Hey good logic!:biggrin:
  11. katyc.. i wrote the $ sign lol.. so its USD :flowers:

  12. Thats an excellent price for ostrich!! :flowers:
  13. today a birkin in Paris :
    - 35 cm togo or Taurillon : 4850 €
    - 30 cm togo or Taurillon : 4500 €
    - a birkin shoulder togo or taurillon : 5300 €

    a birkin 30 cm croc with diamonds HW in white gold : around 110 000 €

  14. Thanks, SP! Did a quick conversion...

    4850 = $6154 (includes VAT I would assume)

    My 35 was $7400 pre-tax...

    That looks like a "savings" of approximately $1.5-2K depending on VAT refund percent and US duties!

    (LOL...Trying to convince DH we should look for birkins while in Madrid in November...I plan to get him tipsy before our trip to H to lower any potential resistance...)