Paris or Venice?

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  1. Hi, my husband and I are planning a trip to one of these 2 places and can't decide. I'd love to go to Paris but am worried of the terror attacks,
    Venice is another dream vacation, but my flights go thru Brussels which is another hot spot.

    Is going to Europe now a bad idea? We've never been to either place but both interest us a lot. I think I prefer Paris, but not sure what to do.

    Has anyone been to both places that could give an input to help make up our minds?

    Just to tell a little about ourselves, we do want to sightsee and check things out. But we're pretty lazy vacationers. We don't want to walk a couple miles. We do love to try new foods/drink. We won't be shopping for handbags or any high end items. As for hotels, we're not looking for the best in town but want a decent room with a restaurant /room service No bed/breakfast types. We'd like to go in September

    If anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate it. Thanks alot!
  2. sadly, none of us can guard against acts terrorism and there may never be a 'good time' for travel anymore... our lives are just different now. if you want to go, then go. you're really only going to be fearful until you get there; once you are there then acts of terror will surely not be your primary concern - it'll be seeing the wonderful sites and history. i would normally say PARIS!, but based off what you said... being a bit slow-paced/lazier and not wanting to walk, then perhaps Venice is better suited. Paris is highly walkable, but lots of walking is involved because the sites are spread out... they do have a marvelous metro system though. with Venice, everything is very central and you can walk or take water taxis. Venice is quite small though, and if you are planning anything more than 5 days that might be too much for Venice, and more suitable for a larger location like Paris. i would probably combine Venice with another city nearby. my experience in both was very positive but Italy is definitely more welcoming to foreign travelers and just has a much more laid-back vibe. experiences and opinions will vary, this is just mine
  3. If you've already been to Paris, then check out Venice. It's a pricey city though.

    And you're more likely to get hit by a car or shot in the US than be the victim of a terrorist attack in Paris, Brussels, or Venice. Go. No regrets :smile:
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  4. Both cities are nice, I don't think you can go wrong with either place. I like Paris better but Venice is great too. I think i only spent 2-3 days in Venice and it felt like enough as far as sight-seeing. It seems that people who like to stay longer in Venice are shoppers of glass etc. As the other poster suggested you could go to Venice for a few days and onto another part of Italy easily on the train.

    With Paris you could also decide to focus on one area of the city to make it more relaxing. I consider Paris a place I will go to again and again so I dont feel the pressure to see everything. If its your first visit you could stay in the first district which is close to Louvre Museum. There is a Westin Vendome, Melia, and Renaissance in that area and numerous other hotels. It is a very safe and quiet area. The most hectic part of it is around the Louve itself. Once you get over toward Rue Saint Honore it is quiet. I just love it there. People are so nice too. It is very safe. You mentioned not being into shopping but if you decided to shop a little the shopping is amazing.
  5. I've been to both but it was awhile ago. I loved Venice--the beauty of the canals, the food, the people....We were there in June and the fragrance of Jasmine vines was in many of the neighborhoods.

    We just returned from a short trip to Amsterdam and London and never felt any fear. Security was apparent in places but mostly people are going about their business.
  6. My choice would be Paris as there is much more to do. However, distances between sites are far and shopping is fabulous so you may be tempted! Venice is truly beautiful as well, the distances are short and it has more of a sleepy vibe compared to Paris (although it is still lively enough). But I don't think there is that much to do there tbh besides a few sites and aimlessly strolling around.
  7. They are both different unique places. I've been to paris a few times but it's not my favourite city. I was in Venice last December and absolutely loved it. The only downside was the awful weather.

    If you're into shopping, venice is actually pretty impressive. They have all the nice and expensive boutiques. I was in burberry and they were not many people so I felt like I was being given the extra attention which was nice.

    But if you're more into sight seeing, I suppose paris will be your best bet. There are more places to see in general. Venice is small so not many things going on.
  8. I've been to both and love Venice. So romantic and pretty. I will go back to Venice in a heart beat
  9. Thank you all so much! This is going to be a hard decision. Is it hard to find a nice hotel with a balcony on the canal close to the Rialto Bridge? I would like to just walk and canal to restaurants and shops. I like the idea of going into the mom and pop restaurants and trying lots of home cooked Italian foods. I don't plan to shop - I do little to none on vacation with just my husband. But if I run into a great shopping district he wouldn't mind. Like if he finds a nice chianti in a nice tavern he can sit and drink while I shop, right?

  10. Yes he can enjoy the "flavors"of Venice for sure while having a chianti
    as you shop in a beautiful city with the backdrop of the canals & views

    You might enjoy the "left bank area of Paris.. There are beautiful & charming
    hotels in this area,the food is great & walking on blvd st germain, can't be beat
    (also small charming streets to wander & find the unexpected)

    Enjoy your trip
  11. Last time in Venice I stayed in a very nice hotel in Murano. No problem to get around with the boats, and I got a terrific handmade glass necklace there. Let me see if I have a pic of it on my phone.
  12. Found one:

    Attached Files:

  13. That's beautiful. I love the color!
  14. My biggest regret in Venice is that I skipped the side trip to Murano. I hung out in the square instead. Dumb of me! This is a lovely memento of Murano.
  15. Okay here's a question. Has anyone visited both in one trip? I know there's an overnight train from one to the other. I can't decide on one city or the other so why not do both at the same time. Time off from work is not a problem but 2 weeks(including travel time) is probably all I would find enjoyable. Thanks in advance!