Paris On French Vogue ... UGH

  1. Paris Hilton takes the November 2006 cover of French Vogue in the special beauty issue..
    :wtf: :wtf:
  2. I would demand a more fashionable outfit :yucky:
  3. She looks like she's about to go for a workout.
  4. is that balenciaga skirt she's wearing?
    wow, she looks different...
  5. is that skirt the same one katie holmes is wearing in a thread in the celebrity section? i looooove it!
  6. it looks to me like a tank top cut off at the boobs
  7. :confused1: Not her usual outrageous outfits !
  8. r they freakin' kidding me..?
    i just can't tolerate the fact that Paris Hilton and Vogue can be mentioned in the same sentence...
    money DOESNT necessarley means elegance, class and fashion..
    *shoots herself in the head*
    sorry paris's fans !
  9. I am so sick of seeing Paris everywhere.
  10. what is she wearing? or not wearing ?
  11. :yes:
  12. What IS she wearing?? :wtf: And why is she wearing like a sports bra on the cover of Vogue?
  13. the cover is not up to par, i expect a little more from vogue. lol Danica, i thought the same exact thing when i saw the cover.
  14. That's Paris Hilton?? Jeez :\\
  15. When oh WHEN is this chick's 15 minutes going to be O-V-E-R!!!????