Paris: "Oh my God, I have, like, AIDS!"

  1. dood, she was kidding/being funny- lighten up. i say that stuff all the time and so do many others. she obviously isn't dumb, she markets herself so well even THIS makes news to the point where people are talking about her.
  2. Typical Paris..
  3. there is nothing funny about AIDS.
  4. You kid around and say you have AIDS all the time??! :weird:
  5. She was trying to be funny. It was a joke, but at the same time-that isnt something to kid about when you are PARIS HILTON. Normal people can joke around with stuff like that-because we arent in the public eye. Shes an idiot, period.
  6. I don't think it is true, but hey who knows.
  7. You've never heard people joking around being like-

    "omgz, i gots da AIDS!!&$@&^$!"

    ^^ IMO, Chris Rock does the AIDS jokes best;)
  8. Well, no, I personally have never been around anyone that says they have AIDS as a way to get laughs. Cuz it's not funny. Which I know could be construed by some as being too PC but after having known so many people with HIV (and some who have died), I just don't see the humor in it and don't think I need to lighten up.

    And like someone else said, with Paris putting herself in the public eye so deliberately ALL the time, she should know better than to make light of a disease that has ravaged the world. (and Paris wonders why people, like, have this, like, image of her as being really silly and dopey. Gee!)
  9. I have never said Aids, but i sometimes joke about that. For example if i go to a really dirty public bathroom (and im desperate) i joke with my friends about it like "I think i have an STD/STI now." Not its not PC, for diseases aren't funny, but it is a joke. On the other hand i would never say that if i were universally famous and aired around the world, then again PH isnt the brightest globe in the box.
  10. Well said. Not a joking matter, ever. Period.
  11. She's a retard.
  12. ugh..idiot!
  13. This girl makes me sick.
  14. She should have said, Oh My God, I wonder if this will trigger a flare-up (valtrex anyone). For someone who already has an STI, she's pretty ignorant and insensitive:noggin: