Paris Nov 15-20

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  1. Wondering if any other members are going to be in Paris those days (or live there) and would like to meet with me!!! There is already another member meeting with me in Paris but I would love the opportunity to meet others.

    PM me if you want!!!
  2. Oy I wish I could make it!! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU baby!! FINALLY!
  3. I might well be. I'm trying to get over there to meet an Italian friend around that time. I'll PM you when I know.
  4. I might be there for the day as well. I'll PM you once I sort out my schedule.
  5. :yahoo:Yep - I've sorted myself and my Milanese friend. I'll be in Paris from about 11.00 Friday 16 November until Sunday morning. I'll be joined by DH late Friday afternoon until Saturday lunchtime. This may put a temporary halt on my gallop, but it's amazing how much ground one can cover when properly motivated. Open to fleeting encounters with tPFers ( Damn, I meant to diet before meeting ANY of you US girls!!!) :heart:Paris!!