Paris Nikki and Brandon Davis video making fun of Lindsay Lohan.


    From dlisted:

    Davis makes several remarks about her ass and Paris could do nothing but giggle. He makes a racist comment about her ex, Wilmer Valderrama by saying: "Is he in a mariachi band?"

    He also said: "I think she's worth about seven million (dollars), which means she's really poor. It's disgusting. She lives in a motel."

    He goes on to say her vagina smells like diarrhea, is stinky and freckly and that her clitoris is seven feet long. He also calls her a fire crotch repeatedly.

  2. Ugh, it never lets me see the video! I hate AOL.
  3. Wow, they are children. Spoiled and disgusting. They talk about Lindsey's vagina but Paris shouldnt be laughing she lets her's out for fresh air often and lets everyone sneak a peek. UGH
  4. Omg...that is disgusting. It's not like Paris' is any cleaner. Ridiculous. I don't like Lindsay Lohan, but you should NOT talk about people like that, esp. to the media.
  5. i cant see it either, but saying such horrible things is bad enough, saying them in public is even worse.
  6. Try

    At least Lindsay makes and spends her own money.
  7. So cheap.....ssoooooo cheap.

    Brandon Davis is disgusting. How childish. And Paris laughing in the backround? Yuck yuck yuck.
    I guess Brandons a little upset about getting refused by Lindsay. If not why should he bother with this?
  8. That is class!

  9. That's horrible!!
  10. More proof that money does not buy class. They're trash. Disgusting, filthy mouthed, overrated garbage. I know a few celebs that I'd like to see Mr. Davis run his mouth about to their face instead of around two girls. They'd beat him down WITH Nicky and Paris Hilton.
  11. This Brandon Dude sounds like a closet case and Paris huh! well, she's doing what she always does laugh and giggle and laugh and giggle...its all so sad.:noworry:
  12. These people are idiots! :yucky: :censor: :mad:
  13. My thought exactly :yes:
  14. Disgusting spoilt brats! Brandon seems so smug about the comments and Paris' giggling is just egging him on... Gross...