Paris, Nicole, Joel And Kathy Hilton @ The Prime Grill Saturday !

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    After last weekend's Vegas bash, the hotel heirhead was back in Beverly Hills on Saturday night to celebrate her 26th birthday at The Prime Grill with BFF Nicole Richie and Nicole's overgrown teenager of a boyfriend, Joel Madden.

    Also in attendance: mom Kathy, boyfriend Stavros Niarchos and a hoard of Paris' non-celebrity (and therefore unimportant) friends
  2. Why Nicole? Why? Stay away from Paris before you end up bald like Britney...
  3. ^^Lol. Wait, Paris is back with boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos? I didn't noe that.

    Lol, the last statement is funny. Those Paris's friends who r not celebrities r socialites, multi-millionaire heiresses. Joel Madden, hmm, don't care abt him. irritating guy, imo.

    Love Nicole's dress but not Paris's.
  4. Nicole does not look very good here... at all
  5. paris has the ultimate purse collection
  6. heirhead...LOL!!
  7. I love the Miroir looking Fendi Paris is wearing.
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. me too:love:
  10. i loove it too! :love:
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  12. You know if I went to a fancy dinner in a sleeveless black tshirt I doubt I could even get the food to go. Here's to hoping Nicole gets Joel some fashion sense.
  13. I like the 5th picture in the first set of photos... :love:
  14. Her bf could of showered before they went out to dinner. He looks like he smells.
  15. ^^ Very true. I used to like him, but now he seems gross. I know that he is "a rocker" and all but he can atleast where a non ripped up tshirt.