Paris New York Shoe Bag

  1. has anyone seen/tried on this bag?


    i love the PNY line and found this one but have never seen it IRL. i'm puzzled why it's called a shoe bag (the dimensions are a normal tote size) and also what the heck this is:

  2. wow I love it in black. so cute.
  3. The multi colored thing is like a dustbag. It is ugly, isn't it? I just saw a PNY rolling luggage bag at Saks today -- it came with the same cover/protector.
  4. so you're supposed to use the cover instead of a dustbag? i guess if it's considered luggage, perhaps you use the cover when traveling? i'm confused because the SA described it as a tote, not as luggage (i only learned it was intended for shoes when i found the PNY thread). what to do, what to do...
  5. LOL LULILU!I saw that luggage peice at Saks had the same weird was hot though(price tag was insane!)
    Never seen the shoe bag.cute!
  6. the SA was pretty clueless -- she thought the ugly bag was some kind of an insert. i'm so glad i have you guys!

    btw, i know it's a longshot (but i'm kinda on a roll), but has anyone seen a PNY wallet anywhere??
  7. I have a scarf with that multicolored thing's print. Does that mean my scarf is ugly? :crybaby:
  8. ^no, I'm sure your scarf in NOT ugly!! The print would be nice for a smaller accessory, not a bag.
  9. ^^no your scarf isn't ugly!!! Sorry -- it was just surprising as a dustbag.
  10. Try calling the Las Vegas or New York boutiques. Regardless of which one.... I bet there is one still floating around out there for you. Any SA can do a search for you. Good luck!

  11. I was mostly kidding, especially as it's one of the smaller silk scarves and right now it's tied around a handle of my P-B black tote to give it a little "oomph". But, admittedly, I was a tad worried...:sweatdrop:
  12. I haven't seen a PNY wallet lately:nogood:
    That bag is very cool IMO, but it does look like a piece of carry on luggage to me a bit :shrugs:
  13. cute!