Paris' Mom Day Gifts Get Jacked!

  1. $10,000 worth of Christian Dior stolen from outiside of the mansion when a delivery man set the bags down to ring the door bell a car whizzed by with a man who snatched up the presents.:blink:
  2. What? OMG. How horrible!
  3. Hilarious.
    Shame about the fact that it was a present but still, Hiltons don't deserve any pity.
  4. Pretty sure, aside from the fact that it was a gift, they'll never miss it. How sad...
  5. thats a horrible thing to happen.
  6. "Hiltons don't deserve any pity." why? i mean i know paris is an attention seeker and gets around, that doesnt mean the entire family is bad and at least she poud enough to face every day when people like you bring her down, im no fan of her but i admire her self estem and courage

  7. She brings her self down!
  8. Come one deserves that! It doesn't matter if you have or you don't one deserves that to happen.
  9. there have been rumor that this is such an excuse for her not having any mother's day present for her mom
  10. Oh! How bad would THAT be? :hrmm:
  11. :blink: Self esteem? And courage for doing what?
  12. oh geez!! that stinks!
  13. I dont believe that even though Im not her advocate. I think she loves her mom enough to buy her plenty of nice mom day presents.