Paris loot!

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  1. Hello ladies & gentlemen, I'm back from Paris this morning. I want to share my loot with my fellow tpf-ers, here's a picture taken with my macbook, I must apologize for the quality. I had a great time first in Vienna, then Venice & finally in Paris. I will post clearer pictures when I get my memory cards back from the shop this evening.

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  2. Wow!!! Congratulations!! Can't wait to see more...
  3. Hurry hurry. We would love to see the pictures of the new babies!!
    Congrats on so many orange boxezzzzz!
  4. :yahoo:Can't wait to see your goodies.
  5. Wow, thats already impressive....
    Thanks for sharing with us!

    May we see blurry macbook pics of the contents???
  6. MEDUSA: Are you crazy or evil?! :wtf:You can't just post a picture like this and then leave me hanging!!! How am I supposed to sleep tonight imagining what's inside that mountain of boxes!!! :hysteric:Have you no mercy woman?!:cursing:
  7. ok luv2shophandbag, excuse the quality of the pictures, macbook it'll have to be!
  8. omg!!! That's more than loot. Is that box on the bottom a cashmere throw, or am I way off? Anxious to see more.
  9. I can't wait to see what's inside!
  10. Presenting, my Parisian loot (cadenas from Venice)!

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  11. They are Rouge Garrance Clemence Evelyne 2 PM, Rose Ikebana, the 2 Bolduc Carre twillys, a constance gold HW belt in reversible Taurillon Gaucho/Vache liegee in ebene & the black box kelly 25 GH. I know I just got the black box Ph kelly 28 but when I saw her sitting there, she called to me & said, "Choose me, love me...." & I had to bring her home...LOL
  12. Beautiful Kelly. Love the belt too. and the twillys. You know how to shop.
  13. Wow, very impressive,medusa2020!!love the bolduc twilllies and H belt, and of course the kelly too!!
  14. Nice. Congrats.
  15. There were Lindys galore in all colors imaginable but not croc, there were kelly wallets in brown(?) box, grey croc with diamonds, I was looking for a chevre trifold bearn, they only had them in epsom. There were CDC bracelets in havanne croc with GH, fauve alligator with GH, I tried them on but I really wanted one in box GH. I played with KPs in havanne evergrain PH, Gold swift PH,Havanne Swift GH, Parchmein Swift PH,rose dragee swift PH, also kelly 28 togos PH in gold. There were kelly elongues in orange swift, rose dragee,parchmein. I saw a lady purchase a cognac ostrich 30 PH, another a white swift, olive canvas birkin 30, there was a white clemence 35 birkin available.