Paris' Long Rainbow Dress - Yay or Nay?

  1. :tdown: or :tup: ?


    PHILTONSTRIPES072107_01.jpg PHILTONSTRIPES072107_04.jpg
  2. She looks great, but I am not a fan of the dress (although I love the cut!)
  3. I would have to say a nay. Hate Paris and hate her dress.
  4. ugly!
  5. :tdown:
  6. She is beautyful!
  7. Sometimes loud and obnoxious can be fun....this is NOT one of those times.
  8. Don't like the dress
  9. :tdown:
  10. She looks great but I could never look good in that dress.
  11. :tdown: Who does she think she is? Rainbow Brite???
  12. I agree. Also Paris disgusts me so just looking at her makes me ill.
  13. She's fugly and so is that dress. She's looking really skinny in that pic too. Thumbs down.
  14. I like the dress!

  15. nay to me