Paris-londres 2007/8 Fashion Show At!

  1. Thanks a bunch!! :nuts:
  2. oh you're welcome BPS!
  3. Thanks for sharing~
  4. interesting, looks like the amy winehouse beehive is now back in style! and were my eyes fooling me or is devon aoki modeling again... (thought she was only acting)?
  5. you're welcome gals!:smile:
    skimmilk yes it is Devon Aoki !-I've just checked on it in!:yes:
  6. Thanks for sharing, I saw some lovely coats :nuts:
  7. lol i saw the show and it was so cool! there was a band playing in the background right??
  8. Thanks the jackets!!
  9. you're welcome girls!:heart: I loved the clothes and shoes too !The bags seem very interesting although I can't fully see them even with the zoom tool!

    ladydeluxe you do have a keen eye hehe! :tup:Yes there was a band playing in the back and model Irina Lazareanu(I hope I spell it right lol!)was singing-I've read somewhere she's a singer too!

    BTW if you guys zoom in pic #41 the bag seems to have a purple/dark purple metallic yummie colour:drool::drool: BUT the back side seems to be in metallic light silver and not quilted !!!:s:s:confused1:Can someone magnify and post please????TIA!
  10. Haha, look at this tote with all the cute little bags on it:

  11. ^ erhhh... i am totally not feeling it. lol it looks to me a reissue shopping tote bag (okay i really think the flaps are wayyy TDF now that i've seen the tote version) and uncle karl decided that he needed to 'make it a little more special' (perhaps to justify the price increase heh?) and stick 5 anklet ultra mini reissue pouches (seems like there's some label on the top of it, looks like a secret label? so it's cruise and spring combined?) which he created for S/S on the tote! acks!
  12. ^ This pictures was taken backstage at the fashion show. I think it's fun to show at the fashion show, but I don't think (or hope :lol:) that Chanel will bring this version out for their collection at the boutiques.
  13. Several of the jackets were gorgeous. Chanel shoes and RTW have been tempting me more lately than the bags have been.