Travel Paris/London Shopping tips!


Jun 13, 2012
So I'll be going to Europe for a month in July, but will probably focus all my shopping in London (start of holiday), and Paris (end of holiday). I'll be going on a tour around europe for 18 days so no shopping there.

I plan on leaving with minimal clothing, but bring some decent, comfy shoes to avoid blisters from new shoes.

Where are the good shopping districts/malls? I'd really like to go somewhere not too touristy and jam packed whilst shopping, but do want the good mid-priced stores (H&M, sephora, primark, topshop). I'm from Australia, and am deprived of good stores without jacked up prices.. so I do an annual haul overseas. Paris and London should be perfect ;)


Avoid Oxford Circus/Regent Street at all cost! I hate it - too busy with tourists.

I'd say stick to Westfield London/Stratford. Also try:
Brent Cross in North London
Bentall Center in Kingston
Covent Garden

All of them have good high street shops and many places to eat, with easy access to public transport. :cool:
You'll be in Europe during the summer sales, so you should hopefully find some good deals, but just avoid shopping on weekends during this time. Most people will flock into the capital around July and it's the height of tourist season. There's barely a place where you won't find tourists.

For London, major high streets like Oxford / Regent St or around Covent Garden are fine if you go early during the week. The former will have the biggest stores and best selection when it comes to Primark, H&M etc.

Alternatives: Kings Road and Brompton Road in the Chelsea / Knightsbridge area. High Street Kensington.

Department Stores: Selfridges (really busy, go early), Harrods (nightmare, go early & during the week), Harvey Nichols (4th floor for mid range brands, good beauty section, less busy than Harrods), Liberty (my favourite, great beauty section, good jeans area, less busy than Selfridges). Alternatives: House of Fraser, John Lewis (more mid range, good beauty sections).

In Paris, the easiest place to catch all retail brands will be in department stores Printemps or Galeries Lafayette, but my favourite is Le Bon Marché (less touristy, wonderful food section).

Otherwise head to the Marais (shops also open on Sundays here) or St Germain. I detest the Champs Élysées for shopping, but if you're looking for Sephora, the biggest one can be found there.
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