Paris, London,rome

  1. Hi girls,

    I just came back from a 2 week holiday to Paris, London and Rome.:yahoo: I have purchased a large black classic flap from the Rue Cambon Chanel boutique in Paris( its their first shop) but i have visited the store in Rome, the Selfridges one in London and their boutique and in Paris the one in Lafayette and the Rue Cambon one.

    So if you have any questions, I will gladly help:girlsigh:
  2. is it a jumbo? it's 1695 in usa, just wondering if it's cheaper in Paris
  3. No its the large. The jumbo though was 1390 euros, I know because I was thinking about it. 1390 euros =1760 dollars so its not cheaper:wtf:
  4. Did you get the price of the 2006 reissues in Paris Vs London? I am about to buy one!
  5. No, but there is much more quantity and colors to choose from in Paris so I would buy from Paris. Anyway for mine the price in England and Paris was identical but I don know if the currency fluctuates and there is a small difference.
  6. What is the price for the medium caviar classics? Did you notice the colors available there?
  7. If I remember correctly it was 1190 or 1140 euros, small difference from the large. Personally I think the medium is too small for everyday but if you want only evening is perfect. The large is nice for both:nuts: but it depends on your height and body , I am 1.74cm (5.10 i think).