**Paris January 2011 SALEEE!**

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  1. hi ladies,

    i have been dreaming and hoping to go to the next H sale and finally this january 2011 is my chance to go yipeee :yahoo:. Does anybody knows the precise date yet? or maybe just the precise week? because i would loveeee to arrange my travelling dates so i can make it there :graucho:

    thank you so much in advanced and i am wishing i can meet some of you there like **chanel** hihi and others =)
  2. I think it's too early to know the dates yet, but have fun!
  3. I have spent months working so that **chanel** to attend the sales with me. I have finally laid down the law. She either comes or I stay home too. :P

    I think the dates won't be released until late November, maybe December. :smile:
  4. Too early to know I am afraid.
  5. maryg1: thank youuuu =)

    thenurse: we haveee to drag herrrr, oh wait actually after this summer sale i think she will loveee to go next year haha (mind you, she founds lotssaa goodies there)

    trama turgo: thank youuu, any predictions on the dates? because i come from a far far away land =)
  6. Based on experience from previous years I would say around the last ten days of January, but this is just a guess, I am not sure at all. In the past years they sometimes changes their dates, so who knows...
  7. :upsidedown: love this global shopping from one sale to the next .. there's no slowing down or stopping us :upsidedown:
  8. Loveaddict: I am from a far, far away land too. I think after all my research they say it will be the third Wednesday in January. However it all comes down to the French sales dates. As I am sure you know they are very regulated by the French law.

    **chanel** and FashionistaO will come. They are too scared that they will miss something important. And they love the hunt. We need to start thinking of wish lists.

    I have a few rules when it comes to H sale shopping after I did som research on the old thread. No H-items on me. No large purse. Warm special nordic underwear. This is the first time the weather will be my friend while everyone else is freezing. Take the cc in a leather slot and put it inside your bra. Nobody will steal it from there. My friend sometimes makes a special one and puts it on the inside of her panties. :P

    And stick to your budget! Go in groups and share lists. Don't take the first tube, but the last one from the day before as the was already a line at 5am. Even if the staff is rude, don't be thrown back because of it. And be prepared to fight to get the things you want.
  9. Wear combative gear! :roflmfao:
  10. Hey, this is THE perfect guide!:biggrin:
  11. great advice!
  12. If I am really good and save some money and if I don't rained off or frozen off for weeks on end and if the French relations will put me up I may just be able to come!!! Nurse, believe me, that wishlist will be ready.

    No H items to be worn on the day, so no scarves, wallet, boots, etc either.
  13. Haney: You are already a veteran! We need you as you know the how it looks on the inside. :P

    Trama, Mree: Thank you. You need to come then!

    Sometimes it is necessary to leave the nice part of you at the door. The resellers won't care. I wear a skirt to crazy sales and some easy to get out of shoes. (Once I even tried on pants in the store. I just hid behind someone else.) Wear neutral colours but be sure they are are the primary colours in your closet if you are going to buy scarves. It will give an idea if the scarves fit you.
    However even if I am dressed after the weather and location I will still try to dress nicely and smile to everyone. It will always help to say s’il vous plaît to the SA's.

    Bienchen: You have to come, s’il vous plaît! It would be wonderful to have your wonderful unbeatable expertise at the sales.

    When the dates are out I will try to write a long post with lots of tips that I am gathering.
  14. that sounds fun! I have some items on my wishlist but I don't know if they're available at the sales. how is the situation there on Saturday usually? in January I can't take any day of vacation from work.
  15. Is the sale in Paris good? Because I heard the last sale in New York wasn't all that great. Also do Lindy's go on sale?