Paris January 1st-5th

  1. Will anyone be visiting H during those days? I know H is going to be open on the 2nd.

    No TPF sisters? :crybaby::sad:
  2. I'll be here:yes:!!!
  3. Would you like to visit H on the 2nd? My SA might have something for me to see :graucho:
  4. I wish I could join you in Paris. I'll be in Las Vegas with my family during this time.

    Have fun at FSH, transcendent1!
  5. Oui avec plaisir:yes:.

    PS :Something:nuts: ???
    Please don't tell me...I'll see IRL on the 2nd:graucho:...
  6. I wish I could go :crybaby::p
  7. Don't be sad Roo, we'll go to FSH when you'll be here in March!!
  8. I wish I can go in March! :crybaby:
    pursanality, it's a pity we can't meet, but have fun in Vegas!:yes:

    fromparis, I would love to see your Black Box in person! :yahoo:
  9. You will :graucho:...
  10. fromparis, I will PM you before I come to Paris in about a month! :yes:
  11. Ohhh Fromparis I'll Be There On The 31th December. Well I'll Arrive To Paris 29 But 30 Is Closed... Whould You Like To Visit Hermes On The 31th??
  12. :sad:I'm sorry, but I won't be in Paris on the 31th...
  13. OH WHAT A PITY!:sad:
  14. I know :sad:

    Transcendent1, I really hope you'll help me to choose the leather for my next H ;)
  15. fromparis, I would love to! I can't wait! :tup: