Paris in September

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  1. Hello! I am traveling to Europe for a month in September; a graduation gift. I will stop in Paris and want to be Louis Vuitton there. Just not sure what to get. I already have a Speedy 25, a Neverfull mm,the Delightful pm, the Pochette accessories, and a Sarah wallet. I like the monogram canvas. I am going to be 30 next month and graduated with my Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Any suggestions and recommendations are appreciated!!

  2. I love my Noe bb- great for travel :smile:
  3. What styles do you like? Sizes? Price point? :smile:

    It looks like you have a nice all rounder collection already, how about adding a backpack?
  4. The backpacks are nice, but I have way too many backpacks! I was actually thinking of a card holder? Something small and classic? Do you own a key or card holder? What are you thoughts?
  5. I'd add something in Epi Leather, such as an Alma PM or Alma BB. You have some lovely canvas classic styles, a leather bag would be a beautiful addition to your collection and a chic, sophisticated professional bag for your life once you return from your trip to Europe. Congrats on your graduation!
  6. That is a great idea! However, I am thinking about something smaller. Like a key or card holder? Something small and classic? Thoughts please?
  7. Yes, I just got the cles and mini pochette in mono and love them both. Both are perfect to slip into smaller purses and be used as standalone wallets. I sometimes just attach the car key to the cles, put cards and a bit of cash in, and am ready for quick errands... Find it quite hassle free. Update us on what you decide! :smile:
  8. I just graduated with my MBA and went to Paris with two girlfriends from the program to celebrate and made the trip even better by getting my first LV ... the Epi Neverfull in Rose Ballerine! Truly the trip of a lifetime...enjoy and congrats on your graduation!!
  9. I went to Paris last Sept. and my favorite purchase by far was my Empreinte Key Pouch. Love it to pieces. The bonus (if you are from the US) is that you save a bunch of money buying in Paris. I also got a mini pochette and a Metis Hobo but if I had to pick only one I'd take the key pouch.
  10. How exciting - Paris is one of my favourite places to visit. Its also one of the cheapest place to buy LV! It depends where youre travelling from but you might also be able to claim tax. When I was in Paris in April I bought a mono 6 key holder with the Rose Ballerine interior. I got it stamped there and then. It was great fun to wander around the Champs Elysee store. I love my key holder, the flash of pink looks great with Mono!

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  11. I would say key holder or the empriente cles! You save a good bit in the VAT!
  12. I will also be in Paris in September, and I am also wondering that for myself. Do they still have the Maison key chains? I haven't seen them around in quite some time. That would make a great souvenir.

    Congrats on your Masters Degree!