Paris in June!

  1. We are going to Paris in June! Any recommendations on best stores (besides FSH) or hidden gems? We're a gay male couple. I think we will stay in the St. Germain. I wish H was open 7 days a week!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Love the St fave is the 5th and 6th. I can recommend a hotel if you haven't found one already that is a gem and doesn't cost a $1000 a night. It has it all. Let me know, you can PM if you want. Headed over in Aug as well.:yes:
  3. Thanks so very much! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. You have to check out the Rick Owens in the Palais Royale and Lanvin men right across from FSH. Sweets at Fauchon in the Place de la Madeline and the Laduree in St. Germain are my absolute favorites. Dinner/drinks at the Hotel Coste and Pershing Hall are super trendy and great atmosphere. Have a fabulous time!!!
  5. Castorny, I'll PM you the name of my fave boutique hotel. I never spend more than E200/night for hotel... more cash for H and croissants!

    Be sure to check out
    - Laduree macaroons
    - Barthelemy for cheeses
    - Antique shops