Paris in July

Jan 25, 2006
My bf and I are going to Paris the first two weeks of July and I have to book by the end of next week to ensure we get our travel plans. We have never been does anyone have any hotel, restaurant, shopping recommendations?

I want to go to all the high-end boutiques, take in the we'd like a hotel that is within walking distance of shopping and fine dining...easy transit system.

Also, would you suggest we do a tour, or freelance it? What were your experiences there? Any must-do's and don'ts? I speak french too, so hopefully that will help us when/if we need it.

Thanks so much in advance!


Feb 9, 2006
You are going at the most perfect time...a lot of stores, even high end, go on sale starting last week of June/early July. (But note the LV does not go on sale.)

The Metro is very convenient, and Paris is big and has lots of shopping areas and cafe and resturants, best to just wander and see where it takes you. No need for a tour, I would suggest getting a guidebook...Rick Steves has a Paris guide that is very easy to follow.

I'm going in April and will be staying at the Hotel Caron de Beaumarche, which is in the Marais district.

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Feb 17, 2006
I just went in September but I spent most of the time in the French Riviera...I have awesome places to go in Nice -if you should go there-let me know( I have restaurants,amazing stores...) Everything I bought there came back alot cheaper when it was converted to dollars-I saved several hundred dollars on a prada shoes....etc..
Use your credit card...the euro stunk the week I was there...but when the charges went thru my visa...I ended up saving a ton of money!


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Dec 22, 2005
i stayed in a best western (they are oodles nicer over seas then they are in the Us0 right by the arch de triomop and chans a lleysess (sp?) it was really close to a sephora, and a chanel stroe, and very close to a louis vuitton. It was fab.. alos you could see the eiffel tower out the window.. walking distance from the eiffel tower.


Nov 2, 2005
blushingbaby said:
thanks these are all good suggestions! money is no object on our trip...any good restaurants that newbs to french cuisine might enjoy? any attractions other than the obvious? thanks!
I've been going to Paris every year forever (going again on April 5th - I have some fantastic restaurants to suggest but I am too tired tonight (It's 12:30AM here) I have to gather all my business cards (I always keep them) One of my favorites is Cafe Marley, which is in a section of the Louvre, right in front of the pyramid ( I once saw Meg Ryan there) If money is no object, stay at the Crillion or the Plaza Athenee or the George IV - The Lancaster also is wonderful and located right off the Champs Elysees.( on the Rue de Berri). You aren't leaving for a while, so I can pm you with stuff - I will tell you that July is filled with Americans so museums will be crowded and restaurant reservations are a must. Bon nuit


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Feb 1, 2006
I went to Paris last June/July. It's amazing - the people, the sights, the shopping. It's a great city. I get excited just talking and thinking about it. Luckily I'm going there this July as well.

Anyway, I definitely think you should stay in the Saint Germain area, the 6th district, on the Left Bank. We stayed in the Citadines hotel there, if you google them, you can get the website. It was so close to everything, a short walk to the Notre Dame, Pantheon and Louvre as well as a 45min walk to the Effiel Tower. I found this area not to be as touristy as some on the Right Bank, but everyone's so friendly, if you're stuck someone will help.

The shopping in St Germain is fabulous as well. There's a few streets - Rue Du Four, Rue Du Rennes and Rue Bonaparte - which have many great stores (I hope I gave you the right streets, it's around that area anyway).

While you're there, you should go to a traditional French restaurant. Staying on the Left Bank, we went to Allard, which I was reading was once one of the leading bistros in Paris back in the day. The place was small, but the food and service were excellent.

I hope that helps. Have a fabulous trip.


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Jan 27, 2006
We always stay at Hotel Le Pera on Rue de Caumartin (9.). It's just around the corner from Printemps, Lafayette, etc. It's a 15 min. walk to the Louvre, 45 to Eiffel, 30 to Champs Elysee, 5 min to Opera. There is a fantastic brasserie called the Royal Madaleine - very french about a 10 minute walk. Yay, I'm going in May!

Have a great trip!


Feb 13, 2006
I agree with Happy. Take the Metro -- it is very easy to use and is close to all the major attractions. I went to Paris a couple of years back, and on our first night there, we went to the Eiffel Tower (make sure to see this at night) and then hopped on the Metro to see the Arc de Triomphe before the last train of the night stopped their service -- at about midnight (we were there for only a few days and wanted to see as much as we can in our limited time there). One little tip - the doors close pretty quickly so make sure you're in and out of the exit doors fairly quickly -- I would hate to see what happens if anybody had the doors close on them!!:cry:
If you like museums, then make sure you get the pass that lets you in all the major ones -- the Louvre and the Musee de Orsay -- as well as the Sainte Chappelle (a chapel near the Notre Dame that has wonderful stained glass windows)...You can purchase the pass at the train station (Gare du Nord, I think?), so that you can bypass waiting in lines at these places. Hope this helps and that you have a wonderful trip!