paris in Jan

  1. After reading Moviegirl325 post to the mothership in NOV/DEC It made me think about my annual trip to Paris in Jan for their sales.

    I am aslo planning to visit the mothership to try my luck on finding a birkin. Can anyone tell me how my chances are? Especially the fact that I will be there just after the holidays (I will be ther for a week starting Jan 10th).

    I assume my chances will not be too good since the store could have been cleared out of birkins from ppl buying it as x-max gifts.
  2. Hi CX, if you're staying for week and you visit the stores everyday, you'll certainly find a Kelly and have a good chance of finding a Birkin. The problem really is whether you will like what you see or not. I go to Paris twice or thrice a year and each time I've found something I like -- or someone travelling with me has! Good luck! :smile:
  3. TT always have good Hermes luck :P

    I don't know about mine :confused1:

    But I am tempted to go for the sale as well :nuts: :nuts:
    Does the sale in Paris start after christmas ???
  4. yes The sales start in january, i guess. always at the same place: Salle gaveau.:flowers:
  5. You should be fine defitnely for Kellys and even for Birkins if you're not fussy... my supervisor came back from there recently and was offered a Birkin on each of the 2 days he went in when he went looking for me... they just were just not the colors or hardware I wanted, so I turned them down.

    But if you're willing to take any Birkin, I'd say your odds are good. There were defintely Kellys as well. Have fun!
  6. The French government governs their sales peiord. They have sales twice a year. One in Jan and one in June. You can check thier web site for the start dates.

    I think the one in Jan starts on Jan 10th. It's great and you should go. I wish you luck on finding a birkin if you go. Let's bring home a birkin together.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Thank you to everyone for giving me hope