Paris in her PJ's + Gallivanting Out On The Town With Nicky

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  2. I am sorry I love Paris. I think she always looks great. From Trashy to Classy I think she does it all well.
  3. I love that white dress. Does anyone know the designer name?

  4. I love her too...
  5. Ditto!!!
  6. sad to admit it, but i love following her various fashion and personal escapades. if anything, she's quite entertaining.

  7. yes, me too ! :yes:
  8. Ditto!:biggrin::lol:
  9. agreed:biggrin: guilty pleasure haha!

    personally though, i don't like nicky hilton. what does she do? She does NOT seem like a celebrity to me?
  10. Am I the only one here who hates Paris?
  11. Hate is a strong word. I can do without. I like her sister better.
  12. No...I hate her too. There, I said it :yucky:
  13. Paris's fendi Spy looks fake from that picture! I seen the black fendi spy IRL and in photos, the authentic black spy definately has alot more texture to the leather compared to the one Paris is holding in that picture!
  14. she still looks cute ;D
  15. Nicky over Paris any day--Pradasmeadow, are you getting the pictures for most of your threads from gofugyourself?