Paris in February... Advice is Welcomed!

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  1. Bonjour!

    I'm a newbie going to Paris for the week of Saint Valentines... Its going to be sooo cold! I seriously don't care because winter coats / fur / boots get me excited... not to forget it Paris...(faints)

    Knowing Paris is the center of style... I need some help. I thrive on packing light. So i am going with all black/brown/cream palate of clothing,shoes & accessories. I feel very confident i will not have a prob with the fashion...

    My main Qs is:
    Will my Chanel Blk Flap be a red flag for thieves? (I really want to bring it because of my Chanel blk boots!)

    Any other suggestions on Paris ... Please share pics of you in Paris .... I'd like some visual ideas =)
  2. Will it be a red flag, no absolutely not. The House of C will not make you an immediate mark for thieves. In Paris, the same is true as in any metropolis: just be careful.
    There is no need to keep it clutched to your chest or shackled to your arm, just use the same common sense you always do.

    I lived in Paris for years and whilst it can be intimidating and there are parts where you shouldn't be going as a city-newbie in designer duds (trust me though, you won't end up there by accident) it is perfectly safe *as long as you use your head* So really just like anywhere :yes:

    One fail-safe tip I'm almost sure you already know: ballerina's. Not any old flat, ballerina's. I lived in skinnies and ballerina's, as did ninety percent of my friends. It's a wonderful city to walk around in, that is the way to do it.
  3. Oh yes, and avoid big winter coats. It's not that freezing, layer up from a mac, shawl and hat can go in your bag and it will help you not look like a steaming mess when going in and out of shops (trust me, the heat vs cold will do that to you)
  4. I agree that your Chanel won't be a red flag for thieves in Paris. Treat your purse & other valuables as you would in any other big city.

    Safety-wise, I have never felt entirely comfortable on the Paris Metro at night - we usually take taxis or walk once the sun sets. Walking in Paris is such a pleasure.

    Weather-wise, I would bring a small umbrella in case it starts drizzling.

    Check out the chocolat chaud at Angelina's on the Rue de Rivoli - a yummy hot treat when you've been walking around in the cold. Order the chocolat l'Africain if you're a chocoholic - it's utterly decadent & delicious (like drinking liquid chocolate). I think the pastries & desserts at Angelina's are hit-or-miss & better pastries can be found at other tea rooms or patisseries, but the hot chocolate is incredible & I love the Angelina's ambiance.

    One of my favorite bistros is Cafe de Flore - it's on Boulevard St. Germain in the 6th Arr. They also have great hot chocolate as well as many other delicious items. I love sipping wine there & people watching. The eclairs are also quite sumptuous & the omelets are delicious.

    If you're in the mood for great gelato, try Amorino's on Rue St. Louis on Ile St. Louis. I love the hazelnut with the chocolate (they'll let you taste everything if you ask). The finished product is so lovely as it looks like a flower.

    Enjoy your Valentine's Day & Bon Voyage!
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    no coat...even in February? :wtf: i'm a florida girl... not sure if i could i have a great camel coat from max mara its a self robe with no buttons & instead of a collar it has a hood w/ fur trim... will i be ok?

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  6. OMG... just reading this makes me so excited!!!
  7. Was just there for new year's. it was cold! So on your walking days wear a coat but if you're shopping and going in/out of shops/metro, you will do better to layer. MiuMiow is right about the heat/cold. I find I'm better off with 1)cotton tee, 2) long-sleeve shirt/blouse, 3) wool/cashmere sweater, 4) shawl/pashmina. Add to that a hat (if you're a hat person) and some gloves.

    If you're a champagne lover, I have a great champagne speakeasy around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe.

    Enjoy your trip!
  8. ooooh...i miss paris....