Paris (in) Bombay, Ribena (in a) Box?

  1. :graucho:
  2. This is one long-awaited order ....
  3. ....
  4. A little peek.
  5. Here you go. No painful wait. All's out.

    35cm (Medium) Raisin Box Calf Paris Bombay
    35 Raisin Box PB.jpg
  6. Come us!!!!!:popcorn:
  7. Close up of Raisin Box for those of you still unsure of having a bag in Rasin Box. :graucho:
    Raisin Box Close Up.jpg
  8. ^^^LOL! We posted at the same time!!! I'm glad we didn't have to wait long!!!;)
  9. Sigh!!! It's lovely. Your patience has been rewarded.

  10. That's very elegant, Mrs.S!!!

    And thanks so much for the quick revelation ;)...
  11. :lol:LOL, duna. I have never been known to be patient. Strip tease tires me out, and makes me lose interest, KWIM?
  12. OMG!!! Raisin Box......Gorgeous MrsS!!!!:drool: Can I ask you when did you order this beauty??? I'm STILL waiting for my July 06 PO which was chocolate Box.......
  13. Thank you, dear. Rare times I am actually patient, asa.
  14. :drool: What a beauty! Congratulations!
  15. My store ordered it July06, duna. There was supposed to be a Rouge H Box PB as well, but that just didn't materialise. :shrugs: