Paris ICONES display

  1. hi guys,

    here is some pictures from the LV ICONES Display, the gallery is located on the top floor of the Champs Elysée Store.

    The visit is great, you enter first a completly black lift and when the doors opens you are just in front of blue window with a magical view of Paris.

    Loved the interpretations of each bag by contemporary artists, the metallic Keepall was created in 2000, let's guess it was more than an inspiration for the Mirroir line created by Marc jacob

    DSC00659.jpg DSC00665.jpg DSC00669.jpg DSC00670.jpg
  2. Thanks for the pics Fred!
  3. wow, I'd love to go and see that myself *sigh*
  4. Thanks Fred!
  5. Thank you for posting these, I would love to see it in person
  6. Lovely.
  7. Great pics. I want to see that too.
  8. I enjoyed it very much! Noe in black and steamer are the best!
  9. Thanks for the pics, I ´ll be there next week ! -if I can convince the BF to enter the busy LV Temple-
  10. Oh, great pics. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks Fred, I want to see it in person..