Paris: Holiday Business Hours

  1. I plan to be in Paris from January 1st-4th, 2008.

    Will Hermes be open on those days?

  2. Oh transcendent, you're so lucky!! Not sure of H Paris hours but have a great time!!
  3. Oh my transcendent1, are you going there for another H haul? :graucho:
  4. "Whatever will be, will be..." heh.
  5. I'll Be There From 29 Th December To 2nd January.
    Of Course The 2nd Will Be Closed. I 'll Go On The 30th But I Won't Be Able To Tell You The Hours From There
    Normally They Open At 10 And Close Around 6 Or 7...
  6. 24 Fbg is normally open until 6.30pm, but their hours have recently changed for the holiday shopping period. The new closing time is 7.00pm.
  7. THE 1ST ALL SHOPS ARE time : 10.30 am closed : 6.30pm usually
    holiday time closed 7.00pm.... :yahoo: GOOD WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR ....
    HAVE FUN......
  8. For those interested - I just talked to H and they said they'll be open on the 2nd :yahoo: