Paris Hiltons Song

  1. Have u guys heard it? i just did recetntly and im embaressed to admit this but i REALLY like it!!! like really really!!!

    ahhhh sooo ashamed :amazed:
  2. ok i dont' like paris but i think her song is 'not so bad', considering it's her! when i first heard it i didn't think it was her at all. the beat is similar to gwen but the voice wasn't gwen and i wonder for a couple days who it was but i heard it on E! that it was paris. shocker! honestly the song is not bad. good for her.
  3. I thought it was gwen tooo!!!!
  4. I'm sad to admit that I like her new song too. :shame: It has a good beat to it and it's constantly in my head these days because the radio stations overplayed that song alot.
  5. i loooooove paris. hahaha

    i looooooooooove her song.

    but i liked Screwed better. it was
  6. i also thought it was Gwen Stefani at first. its quite a catchy tune. but i wonder if its really her voice or at least a huge percentage of the sound comes from her throat :hrmm:
  7. Isnt that the UB40 rip of tune?
  8. What can you say...she has the right people behind her...and it is pretty good. Give credit where credit is due!
  9. I don't particularly like the song, but I will admit that it is much better than I expected! I thought it would truly be a trainwreck!
  10. Yeah Screwed is the first one I heard & loved it. I like most of her songs her new one I admit is catchy. I don't like Jessica Simpsons new song Public Affair.
  11. ew. she can't sing. there isnt a single part in the song where she goes high.

    anyone can sing that song
  12. LOL...thats probably the easiest song i've heard so far...i agree with aimeezthere isn't a single part in the song where she goes high, everyone can sing like that!!!
  13. Her song isn't as bad as I thought it would be. There's a lot of studio add ons and editing still but it turned out okay nevertheless.
  14. don't be ashamed! chalk it up to good songwriters and producers. I cringed too when I had to admit I liked "Toxic"!
  15. I absolutely can't stand that song!!! It's totally not even her singing it....they've completely altered her voice to make it sound like that. The lyrics suck, the video is a joke and everytime I hear it on the radio I think my ears are gonna start bleeding!!! :sick:

    But then again I can't stand Paris so...
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