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    :wtf: Did she put those tissues in her boobs?! :roflmfao:
  2. She's been practicing posing all her life !
  3. ok, i just found some more pixs of old "PARIS HILTON"

  4. [​IMG]
  5. she's soo cute in the picture with the ferret [methinks thats a ferret]
    she's always been so pretty.
    i love paris.
    and yes i agree, she has ALWAYS be posing!
  6. Nose job gone WAY WRONG :roflmfao:
  7. lol funny pics
  8. i'm pretty sure she's never had a nose job, kathy hilton has the same nose, so does nikki. she's just unlucky
    its actually illegal for the papz to photograph her at the wrong angel!
  9. Hmmm...not do you lose weight in your nose? Even if she didn't have a nose job, it sure does look like she did. That's all I meant by it:smile:
  10. she looked "healthier" then, maybe her boobs got smaller after losing weight?
  11. Yup. she never have a nose job done! because she was born that way
  12. she lost alot of baby fat on her face. at certain angle, she and nicky look alike though.
  13. lol. i think she probably put some tissues in her boobs! i remember that she said she didn't like the way her boobs look. so, she put some tissue in her boobs and it made her boobs bigger! but now she is happy with her small boobs!
  14. I bet it's a push-up bra with double pads :yes: and she also used to weight more back then.
  15. Why does she pose with her legs THAT wide open in the 2nd pic? :wtf::yucky:
    And I think she looked better with blonde hair and dark eyes.

    P.S. ticklemethu, is that Hebe? :nuts: