Paris Hilton's music video

  1. i didn't like it...
  2. Trainwreck.
  3. oh and remember that janet jackson video with her in jeans and a tank top and a hot guy on a beach, and that britney video. i think its cheesy and slutty, kind of like her. ;)
  4. Booooooring! I'm so mad because they showed parts of this on "Best Week Ever" and now the song is sort of stuck in my head even though I think it sucks. Waah.
  5. Soooo bad
  6. Wow!!! that's a long Guess commercial.
  7. Same director for all of them; Janet, Britney, and Chris Isaac.
  8. I thought she was going to make love to that palm tree. For Paris it is just more of the same.
  9. That is a second-rate video. BORING! At least Britney's and Janet's had something going on.
  10. It looks like they used the same beach and everything. I love the video for Wicked Game. One of the sexiest music videos of all time. This piece of crap on the other hand...
  11. Barf, barf, barf...:yucky:
  12. hmmm, i wonder whats next for Paris.... i caught the end of her music clip the other night and almost threw up! its not my cup of tea at all! i think she should stick to what she does best... nothing!
  13. Oh yes because heavy eye make up on the beach and molesting palm trees are just oh so [​IMG]
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