Paris Hilton's Chanel in Harper's Bazaar

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  1. I'm new to this forum... I just love the Chanel bag that Paris is modeling on page 148 of the June 07 issue of US Harper's Bazaar. Has anyone seen it? How much is this bag? Is this a Chanel "reissue"? I have never seen this bag with the chain pads. Do chain pads come with the reissues?

    I am not a huge fan of Paris/Nicole but the layout of them in HB is just fabulous -- I just love a black and white wardrobe.
  2. Maybe this scan will help... I'm such a newbie :confused1:

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  3. ^OMG!the pic is so funny!LOL!
  4. LOL, yeah, the title of the article is "Partners in Crime". I love the photographs by Peter Lindbergh!

    I'm a little more than curious about this bag... it looks like it holds way more than a flap bag; it must be the way she is holding the chains apart.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA awesome. Get thee to a jail, Paris.

    I don't know which bag it is, though :P.
  6. pocket in the city??? I can't really tell.
  7. It is featured in -:Elle Fashion it says: Chanel patent leather bag $2525 I think.Does anyone know if it is a LE ?I think it is gorgeous!
  8. The pic was too dark to tell...
  9. think its the ritz...
  10. It looks a little like the large ritz flap to me.
  11. I just went to Chanel today and asked for that bag. The SA was not even sure what it is.
  12. I found the bag's pic..

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  13. Love the bag :drool:
  14. mochmoch you are the best. Love the bag, any more info on other color, price ctc.
  15. Yeap!this is it!I checked at the Library and some of the Fers got it as back as last November!How come and it's on the magazines now?Is it still on sale ,anyone ?:confused1:thank you gals for the info!:heart: