Paris hilton's bag

  1. I know its the reissue. But not sure what size it is.

    Anyone know?
  2. looks like the 226.
  3. The chain looks like it may have a knot in it, or a kink.

  4. sometimes ruthenium chains get ''knotted" -it's normal I've got the same bag in 225 and I usually have to rearrange the chain in a ...straight position lol!
    BTW I think Paris' bag is a 225 light silver too!:smile:
  5. Did previous year's reissues have that twisting chain problem too? Mine gets knotted up like that all the time too. :hrmm:
  6. the grey and bordeaux reissues do get knotted sometimes, though i believe it happens with more frequency with the new metallic ones...but it's such a killer chain (love that pattern on the middle link) that i still love it!
  7. I think Paris's bag may be the 225 size... It looks slightly smaller than the 226. Just a guess, though.
  8. ^yeah the chain's pretty edgy... I love it too
  9. Yeah I think the reissue chains all kink - but they are soooooooooo worth it.
  10. i think it's the 226.
  11. I have the black in 225, Paris' looks like a 225 to me.
  12. yeah, i think its like 225...
  13. It looks like a 226 light silver reissue to me.

    I personally tried it on in store for all of the 2.55 reissue colors (blk, lgt & dk silver) and it appears exactly the same when trying on a 226. :yes:
  14. i agreed that it looks like size 225 to me's kinda of smaller as compared to size 226.
  15. i believe its a light silver in size 225...