Paris Hilton's bag on The Simple Life, rop

  1. Saw Paris Hilton on The Simple Life wearing an off-white quilted handheld MJ bag. Any clue what it is?
  2. Does it come in colors other than black or white?
  3. it came in a blue colour too
  4. I love Elise Quilted Patent Satchel!!! It's very classy/stylish and light!
    Quilted/Patent Elise comes in Coloa (brown), Midnight (blue), Black, Blush (neutral pink), Chalk (off-white).

    Elise's also available in regular calf leather (smooth). Colors include Black, Putty, Butter, Sweet Pea, etc.

    Magazines showed Paris Hilton with Midnight & Blush Elise. If I remember correctly, she has Chalk Elise as well.

  5. I don't have it but the white is gorgeous. damn that Paris Hilton!
  6. hey i saw that too! she was definitely sporting the quilted elise! agh. it's so gorgeous. :biggrin:
  7. Thanks!! Looking thru the celeb pics I think it was the blush color. I love it!! Is that color available anymore?
  8. i have the chalk elise and i :heart: it :love::love::love:.
  9. i want that bag too! alas, i was only able to get the blush Ursula large bowler from the boutique since they don't have the Elise quilted satchel for this season or fall. but i had to get something in the Blush, like PH.

    does anyone know where to find one?
  10. Oh Elise it doesn't matter what you say when I pay off my credit card bill will be mine. mine all mine....:whistle:
  11. LOL. I am sitting wondering if I am going to start obsessing with this bag!!

    Do you guys think of the Elise? Classic? Trendy? Will it look dated in a year?
  12. I think the Elise is trendy enough to be a classic or vice versa. IMO it can be worn with jeans or a cute dress. I really, really, really like it. :P
  13. i :heart: the elise cuz it's both trendy & classic! much better than the LV alma imo