Paris Hilton's bag................can I still find it?

  1. I have seen this pic in many forums a few days ago and was wondering if this bag is from the current season?

    Can I still find this bag? What is the correct name for this bag?

    TIA :heart: paris-hilton-with-chanel-purse-4.jpg
  2. I'm assuming that's from the Cambon line. Not sure if they still have that though.
  3. Thanks missisa! :yes:

    Anyone else has advise?? :drool:
  4. I believe its the cambon messenger... you may still be able to find one but you will really have to search. I would try NM and Saks :yes:
  5. since the CCS are white, it'll be VERY difficult to find as that color comnbo was discontinued a year ago.
    I agree, call your favorite SA at NM and at Saks and have them check nationwide stock.
  6. Thank you Noe and Swanky! I'll definitely try calling my SA to check. :yes: