Paris Hilton

  1. uh, has anyone been to TJMAXX lately? paris hilton now designs handbags and they are gross gross gross. boo.

    anyone else seen things?

    one of them seriously felt like a stuffed animal...
  2. Ick!
  3. yeah like those pillows you walk past in walmart and touch, cuz they look soft, and you're like EEK that feels gross... like that lol...
  4. I have not seen them, but I don't like Paris Hilton.
  5. They don't seem terrible. I thought one was cute. I think they are targeted for a younger age group, like teenagers. The majority I've seen are a little immature and over-stylish for my taste, though.
  6. yes yes, THAT is the kind of bag i'd buy my child for sure, i saw some on a website and they were okay, but the ones i saw in person were not cute!
  7. They sell them at too.
  8. any pictures?
  9. I've seen them at my Macy's and thank goodness they are pulling it out and not wasting precious shelf space anymore. I think those bags are the tacky of the tacky. They never sold.
  10. Two pictures:
    paris-hilton-bag.jpg paris-hilton-purse.jpg
  11. They look exactly like Kathy Van Zeeland bags.........not that there's anything wrong with that.......................
  12. Tacky people make tacky bags.:yes:
  13. The brown bag is kinda cute :smile: .
  14. I can't stand Paris Hilton but the bags are okay. I wouldn't buy one, they're not my taste but I'm sure plenty of people like them.
  15. I saw a couple of Paris Hilton bags at Sam's Club. They're like $60 apiece and I don't even think they're real leather. You're paying entirely for the name. Personally, I thought they looked rather generic, like something you could pick up at Target for $15. A lot of them look similar to Baby Phat bags too.