Paris Hilton...What's the name of this bag?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. OO I wanna know what dress that is?
  3. Can it be something from of Nikki's new line?
  4. I [​IMG]the dress she has on too..
  5. I think the whole outfit (incl'd hair) is horrible, especially that tacky necklace. It's so nice to sit back and judge princesses.
  6. the dress is ingwa melero and the bag is samantha thavasa
  7. OUCH! How to ruin a perfectly nice dress with a tacky necklace and horrid bag. I'm sorry. Thats my personal opinion.
  8. I like the dress on her. The necklace is cute and the bag is cute. I'm wondering if the bag is leather as I have only scene plastic Samantha Thavasa bags. A friend of mine from Japan says that ST bags are very popular over there. Hmmm!
  9. i love ingwa melero! she has nicer dresses than the one paris has on though, imo.