Paris Hilton wearing "Faith" hoodie in L.A. 5.31

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  2. Im glad she has faith....just like we all had faith in the justice system which got her in jail like she's suppose to.
  3. When does she go in??
  4. Tomorrow. June 5.
  5. And she deserves it...seems like shes being let of slightly tho! Pfft!
  6. I hope this experience make her change her attitude even a little bit!!
  7. cute hoodie.. Kitson has it online
  8. I love the hoodie, but not Paris.
  9. I love the hoodie. I tried finding it everywhere, but couldn't. I finally found it online but not in the same color, in a more greenish color.
  10. ^^^
    i think gregory's (houston and dallas) have it.