Paris Hilton vs Lindsay Lohan: next episode

  1. Lilo's Blackberry has been hacked (whom Lilo believed by Paris Hilton) , sending awful messages to Lilo's contacts n pretending to be Lilo, Paris' rep denies the rumour n insists that Paris also used to be a victim of the similiar incident (I dunno when n where)....

    well, whatever they said..., we'll just sit n enjoy.....
    hahaha :wlae:...., Paris Hilton should play a soap opera...., she could win an award as the most hated character in every single damn episode she played ....., looks like she's so annoyed with any girl who could rivals her fame.....


  2. Yea, I heard about this today on Access Hollywood.Supposedly words that were used in the emails sent sounded like something Paris Hilton would say.

    Now wouldn't it be insane if LiLo was the one who hacked Paris' sidekick last year and now all she's doing is getting even ? LOL :lol:

    Omg, this whole Paris/LiLo saga is just funny,annoying,boring,old,overused, etc....I have so many other words to describe it. Paris who is 25 years old, needs to grow up.
  3. Oh so immature...not much to talk about on this one!
  4. sounds typical of PH!
  5. HA AH HA... sooo funny :roflmfao:
  6. i am not surprise, maybe out of jealously?
  7. OMG. She's 25. You think she'd be embarrassed to be feuding with a 19 (or 20?) year old. Take the high road and grow up Paris!

    It always cracks me up how they find themselves in the same places. With all the clubs and restaurants in LA and NY, they always seem to end up at the same one. (I know, I know, they only go to the hippest place, but sheeesh)
  8. As I remember the previous incident w/Paris was having her phone stolen and then basically giving away the phone numbers of several celebs, because they were programmed into the phone. I think that is how it went. I can't help but think they just love the publicity.
  9. Paris is running out of PR stunts!:yucky: This hacking story is getting old!
  10. ^ I agree- it seems like shes getting desperate....