Paris Hilton & Travis Barker "" Hook Up "" !!!

  1. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Lord??????????????????????
  2. All I can say is ewwww!
  3. I hate her even more when she goes brunette....I get so offended :yucky:
  4. ^^^Oh, good. Just read the whole article. It's a wig. Good!!
  5. I can't see the pics. :sad:
  6. Good thing she's remaining celibate for one year....:P
  7. What bag is she carrying?
  8. Yay!!! :heart:.

    Isn't that the wig she wears when she's starting to see someone? :yahoo:
  9. If he's looking to replace his supposedly unfaithful wife with someone a bit more loyal, as far as I can tell, this new dog don't hunt! :P
  10. Ew.
  11. GADS! She looks awful as a brunette! :yucky: I actually prefer her blonde. :wtf:

    Looks like a Paddington there... gorgy color!
  12. That's what I think too.
  13. i think she looks good as a brunette, if it wasn't a wig...
    what a strange couple....:wtf:
  14. That is a strange couple...but I cannot see the pics, I do want to see her with a wig on because I do like her brunette (isn't that her natural color?)