Paris Hilton: There is nothing classier than a Chanel Baseball Cap

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  1. Come on! Did Chanel even make this P.O.S. - it reminds me of the crappy LV monograms visors they sell on Canal St.

  2. Never seen these.....
  3. She looks hideous in those sunglasses. The hat is :sick: even if it was made by Chanel.
  4. PH is ruining logos for me. :sick:
  5. i doubt it's real, my SA at gucci said that a girl came in w/ a picture of paris (in a tabloid) in a gucci logo trucker hat and wanted it and, according to her, gucci NEVER made that hat.
  6. Damn - I don't find that hard to believe because she has been caught sporting fakes before.

    I just don't think Chanel would make something looks like so cheap. What's next a Hermes thong?
  7. If a Hermes thong were to ever be made, I SOOOOoooooo would wear one!!! :nuts: ;)
  8. LOL about what Megs wrote. I think it looks ugly though
  9. Paris Hilton either is ridiculously cheap (ironic given how much $$$ she has) or has some really, really bad stylists. She's been seen toting around some fake Louis Vuittons as well..
  10. At first when I read the title to this thread I thought to myself "Paris and classier does not belong in the same sentence." but I'm glad that I clicked on this because this just further proves my thought ;P
  11. God lord, she's so annoying!
  12. This is another flattering pic of her :P Hey P, whatcha smoking over there?? :Push:

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  13. Ugly :sad:
  14. My personal opinion is that if she doesn't get it for FREE from the designer, she just wears fake, she is one rich cheap wh*re!
  15. Those sunglasses make me think of old people sunglasses