Paris Hilton talking to Justin..

  1. For some reason, I dont think that Justin is really fond of Paris and

    I love the expression on the girl next to Justin!! What do you think she is thinking?

  2. How funny! I totally can tell what you mean! LOL!

    EDIT: She's thinking "Justin, your disdain is shown on your face. I wonder if Paris even recognizes that look!"
  3. Ha that's a great pic !!! :nuts:
  4. she thinking "pls don't talk to those skanky ho's, look a me, i love you:cry: now that cam's finally gone we can be together 4 ever:love:OMG he is so gorGeous:love:"
  5. why is kim K famous?
    her late father was JUST a lawyer. she does own a boutique called DASH in Los Angeles, but I mean how can she AFFORD to jet set the world with paris who basically has a disposable income? I dont get it.
  6. Paris probably pays for her!
  7. when your friends with Paris, im assuming everything comes for free. :smile:
  8. Oh gosh.
  9. lol! I love that pic! That girl sitting don is hilarious! I bet she is thinking, damn, they are already making a move on him! lol!
  10. justin really broke up with cd? I thought that's just a rumour
  11. She's probably thinking "oh it's dumb and dumber", or "hey, it's skank and skankier", or "wow, it's slut and sluttier", or..........
    well you get the idea. ;)
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. exactly what he is thinking:roflmfao:
  14. Hmmm...are you sure those aren't your thoughts??? LOL

    Wearsthesamething Her dad had loot before he died, O.J. Simpson wasn't the only celebrity he's represented, that case was just very high profiled.
  15. Now THAT is a pricelss picture LOL