Paris Hilton-Nicole Richie frindship

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  1. I know this is old news but I think it's a sweet video...

    YouTube - Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

    I think they are the people we love to hate!!!
  2. ah so true lol! All the dirt. I still think they are friends only for publicity though and nothing more...who knows!
  3. Sometimes you lose touch with friends and then just kind of get together again :shrugs: They seem like they'd have similar interests :amuse:
  4. that has happened to me once, but things were just not the same.
  5. its just kind of hard to believe how they can go from this major major feud to being totally lovey dovey again... i mean shouldn't it be at least a bit awkward at first?
  6. they are friends since they were 2 years old right?
  7. apparently so, yor 18 months things got sooo ugly there I find it just a tad bit hard to believe that poof! they are the way they were...I know know if I'm making much sense here:shrugs:.....
  8. I agree, especially at their age.
  9. Is there any real proof they are different people? I mean like scientific proof, not that video stuff or theological syllogisms.
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