Paris Hilton...Love the bag

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I love the bag AND the outfit!!!!!! I never though I'd say that about Paris!
  3. Thats a beautiful bag.. .and PH does look cute in this pix.
  4. I think its because she is actually covered and looks likea lady :lol:
    Its a picture you dont see often.

  5. She actually looks really cute here.
  6. :heart: the bag!
  7. I agree, she looks fab in this piccie :smile:
  8. Love the bag!
  9. I love the outfit.
  10. Love that bag...and the pretty!!!
  11. I never thought I would see the day that I liked an outfit Paris was wearing. I like the belt and the bag.
  12. Cute Chanel and I LOVE the belt!
  13. Wow I agree!!! I LOVE the outfit... like enough that I want to figure out what it all is and buy it

    This is sad :shame:
  14. I always love what she wears,...
  15. cute bag!
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