Paris Hilton Limited Edition Swiss Watch? Is It Worth $100,000?

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  4. it is not only tasteless but also worthless. i assume it is genuine but it´s price is overinflated for what it is (but that apllies also for the jacob watches this paris watch is definately inspired by)
  5. :roflmfao:

    that's hideous! wouldn't surprise me if it were real though :roflmfao:
  6. You'd have to pay me to wear anything associated with Paris Hilton. It probably comes with a free STD too.
  7. ekkkkkkk!
  8. 18k gold, 9 carats of diamonds & alligator strap-valuable but not $100K. Personally, I like the 5 time zone dial and the overall look of it. I'd wear it, but I wouldn't pay what the current bid is (23k) for it. Good to see Paris has found something to do other than grab time in the tabloids!
  9. Hahaha. I like Jacob & Co watches than P.H. Watches and they are weird!
  10. EEP! That is a bit blingy for my taste!
  11. That watch is gaudy. Yuck!
  12. Holy cow, 9 carats on the watch. It's certainly worth something, I don't know about 100,000$ though.
  13. Yucks!:yucky:
  14. i don't like the watch, too 'blingy' for me too!!:yucky: