Paris Hilton lets sick children down!!

  1. HOLLYWOOD party girl Paris Hilton was happy to play charity queen while the cameras were rolling.

    But two years after a well-publicised visit to Gold Coast charity Paradise Kids, the millionaire heiress has broken a promise she made to help seriously ill children.
    Hilton pledged to organise a star-studded benefit concert in Los Angeles to raise much-needed funds for the charity.

    She claimed it was one of her first priorities after returning to the US from the Gold Coast, where she spent six weeks filming House of Wax in 2004.

    "I'll get a few friends together. I know the Backstreet Boys will help out for sure and I talked to Blu Cantrell last night," Hilton claimed at the time. Missy Elliott was another big-name act mentioned.

    "I definitely want to do this," Hilton told gathered media. "My grandmother died of cancer and I almost lost my cousin to leukemia. It's just something very important to me.

    "I love kids and I just feel it's the right thing to do. It makes me feel good about myself and it helps other people."
    To date, no benefit concert has taken place and efforts by Paradise Kids to contact Hilton have been unsuccessful.

    "I don't want to dump on Paris," said Paradise Kids co-founder Reverend Dr Ian Mavor. "She was a lovely person and I think she was well-intentioned at the time.

    "We really enjoyed her coming to see the kids. It was a thrill for them and, sadly, a couple of them have since died."

    But he said after her visit and public vow to help the charity – telling organisers she could raise as much as $250,000 – Hilton "disappeared in a cloud of dust and got on with her life".

    "The promise hasn't amounted to anything – nothing, not a penny," Rev Mavor said. "We really needed the funds."

    The Arundel-based group, established in 1996 to offer support for seriously ill children and their families, is not government funded.

    It was hoped money raised from Hilton's proposed concert would go toward completing an on-site hospice as well as expanding the charity's services beyond the Gold Coast.

    But, ultimately, the celebrity may have cost Paradise Kids thousands of dollars in potential donations.

    Three months after her visit, a national magazine reported that Hilton had declared the charity received $500,000 in cheques as a result of the public exposure she had given it.

    Rev Mavor said the claim was not only false but also had proven quite damaging to the group's fundraising activities.

    "The impact is people think we don't need their help and we do," Rev Mavor said

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  2. this is a sad story. ugh to Paris...
  3. aw.. poor kids..
  4. omg! I feel badly for the kids.:sad: