Paris Hilton just be put in the slammer sooner

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  1. Am I the only one who think thats Paris Hilton should be locked up? I'm so sick of her and her family just thinking that they can buy everything. Now she's trying to get the Governor to pardon her because she has a petition? Makes me sick. I'm never going to stay at a Hilton or any hotel they own. Why encourage their "holier than thou" attitude. I say Boycott Hilton!
  2. She violated her's what would happen to anyone of us if we did the same thing. She needs to get a dose of reality and realize that just b/c she has money doesn't mean she can't be like the rest of us. I hope she learns a lesson in jail. Don't violate your parole! DUH! lol
  3. At first, I really don't care if she goes to jail or not. But now, I really really want her to.
  4. Give her the death penalty!
  5. Shes trying to appeal it with a petition say that she brings beauty and some other ******** to our (the american people) mundane lives apparently and i'm not even kidding!!!!
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    There's a few threads about her and jail already.
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