Paris Hilton is so classy!

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  1. I mean, if she's not fit to be the new face of Chanel.. I don't know who is. I heard she's going to play Mother Theresa in a movie.

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  2. I'm speechless ....
  3. wow.........what can u say to that?
  4. Honestly, can she get anymore disgusting?
  5. i don't understand how you can have all the money in the world, all the privilege that wealth can buy, and be that trashy............
  6. all you can do is try to forget
  7. The Mother Theresa thing was made up. Can you imagine...Mother Theresa, gives a whole new meaning to Blasphemy.
  8. LoL, I know and so was the Chanel comment.

    Is she pregnant?

    No, but poor child that has Paris as his mother!
  9. What happened to the picuture on hollywood rag? or the first post to this thread? IT DISSAPEARED! :huh:

    Well to the pregnant thing- alot of people are noticing the 'bump' coming up, either she thought she could keep the beer belly at bay, or she ditched her personal trainer....who knows with that girl
  10. She's the perfecr example for: Money can't buy style!
  11. I think she is over exposed to !! (in more ways than one LOL )
  12. :lol: damn...
  14. I can't see any picture, just a logo for HollywoodRag.