Paris Hilton & her Cadillac Bag

  1. Omg
  2. Oh man my husband would have a field day with this one. We have a Cadillac also. I always thought the Cadillac logo would look cool on a t-shirt or something.
  3. I think it's a great bag to toss in my trunk just in case I ever need it and it would so cute as an overnight bag.
  4. Interesting.
    You know, Cadillac itself also makes clothing etc. My dad has a couple of hats and polos with their logo on it (he loves Cadillacs lol, we have a Deville and Escalade).
  5. She really sickens me!
  6. ^I don't like her either but we were talking about her bag, not her. ;)
  7. That is a cute bag. I may be missing something in this thread, but is it actually made by the Cadillac car people?

    Last week I went to order a new pair of glasses and they showed me a whole line of eye wear with the Cadillac brand name on it.
  8. Maybe so, but anything she does or wears automatically sickens me, whether that's fair or not. On someone else, I may even like the bag. Who knows? But just because it's her carrying it, I instantly find it nauseating without even looking at it!:push:
  9. I think the bag's pretty nice especially the black one (not too much), and yes it does make a good overnight bag!
  10. I know this thread is old but I was wondering how the OP liked her bag? I just ordered the clutch. Seems like it'll make a fun knock around bag. And if I like it I plan on getting that duffle as an overnight bag.
  11. i saw this bag at one of those lesser known girly stores at a mall. The store was like a cheaper version of BEBE. The store had like 3 of them on display. I believe they go for 65 to 85 dollars.
  12. i think it's cute and totally agree with OP, black looks best!
  13. Ooo I didn't see this one pull back up. I did get it and I do like. It's a little stiff and stuff but then again I paid like $60 for it or something. I've used as an overnight bag or for carrying things to the car. It stays in the trunk so I have it on would make a nice gym bag too...although I haven't gone to the gym in years..