Paris Hilton handbags.

  1. I saw this lady walking and i noticed her handbag...loves it. Asked her...WHAT IS THAT??? and i see a charm of paris hilton's sillouette. she tells me it was a Paris Hilton bag...she just started to make it...She said it was $500 dollars...(that was no 500$ vinyl handbag...paalease) Well I looked it up, and so only had some...but around the 70-100$$$ range..but i couldnt find her bag.. is there another site with these bags...? or store...??? cause it is cute. thanks *****es. :yahoo:
  2. Could it be those Samantha Thavasa bags from Japan? I knew she and her sister had a line of those that they designed (so did Posh and Beyonce actually) and they were extremely popular - I got one when i was in Japan because I don't think I will see my name plastered all over another bag:graucho:
  3. I saw a Paris Hilton handbag in Sam's Club today. Can't say if it was never know about a place like Sams or Cosco's. But this little bag cost 49.00. It was pretty cheap looking...lots of BLING....LOL
  4. I love bling for bags that are just for an outfit or two...It was pink metallic
  5. i've seen these at macys in the clearance area
  6. You know, I had to post a response to you regarding your closing salutation to the wonderful ladies on this forum. I find it just nasty that you had to use the word *****es instead of ladies or even girls. I don't live in a world that condones calling other women *****es, life is hard enough for females already without us doing it to each other. And I have found there are some fabulous classy ladies on this forum...even when we disagree on some points people are polite. Maybe I'm being sensitive, but I get to have my idiosyncracies. Kindly consider your use of language when posting, I for one don't like it - even if you were "kidding".
  7. I bought one of her bags, didn't know until after the fact, but I got it at Macys.
  8. you are being disrespectful by calling us " *****es" i am very offended!!!
  9. I only used it to go with the paris hilton theme...Ever watch the simple life???? Sorry hun...didnt mean to offend
  10. Some Macy*s stores carry the Paris Hilton handbag line and from what I've seen, they weren't priced that high. The most probably was about $80.

  11. I have a life and it doesn't include watching Paaaaaaaaaaaris (useless drunk) Hilton.

    And her bags are as tacky as she is......
  12. I saw alot of them at MJM shoes. I don't know if they have that store all over, but it is owned by Burlington Coat Factory. I did not see any that were really expensive.
  13. Though a returned item from an unscrupulous shopper might slip through the cracks, you will NEVER find a counterfeit item at Costco.
  14. Really? I think I read it this other blog about having fake Balancigas on sale there a while ago - well she didn't say fake - but she did sort of implied it..

    It could be an individual incident of course...