Paris Hilton going to Hugh Heffner's B-day...

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  1. [​IMG]

    She may be dumb as a rock, but she looks good!
  2. I must admit- she looks very sexy here. And the Playboy mansion is the perfect place for such attire.

    And I would like those Louboutins please.
  3. I love what she is wearing and she looks really good! Please sign me up for a pair of the Louboutin's as well!
  4. maybe shes'n not a good girl but she looks good and that's the right occasion to wear that oufit!
  5. she looks *****y, sexy and everything! I like her looks in that pic..espcly the shoes
  6. i love her shoes! and for once her barely there attire is appropriate! haha :smile:
  7. Oh to be a filthy rich heiress with a killer body! So jealous! AND Love the shoes too!
  8. Another for loving those shoes !
  9. no comment.:suspiciou
  10. The get up really suits her! I am so sure she had fun.
  11. Loving the Louboutins as well :love:
  12. If she wants to appear decent, I'm not even going to say smart, she should keep her mouth clothes and just look pretty. Whenever she speaks, she just sounds stupid and so full of herself. Tragic really, her grandfather must be rolling in his grave.
  13. Except for her B****y face! as always.
    Oh ...and she looks good, as far as tramps go! lol
  14. Paris looks really good on this picture! (;
  15. I'm a Paris Hilton fan,:shame: ooops, did i say that outloud. hehehehhe
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