Paris Hilton Cooking Show?!

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  1. Television bosses are teaming up for the launch of a new cooking show featuring Paris Hilton. The show’s concept would feature sending the hotel heiress on global excursions taking in all the world’s food.
    “I think it will be fun and people don’t realize I am a real foodie and can cook a lot of dishes,” Paris says of the possible job op.

  2. :rolfmfao: I would never eat anything she might cook. Like she has ever cooked in her life!
  3. Don't worry; the show will be cancelled when all the staff members die from eating her cooking!
  4. "How to, like, make microavable popcorn and stuff."

    I'm sorry, I cannot believe she can cook actual food. She probably can't make ice cubes because she lost the recipe.
  5. Oh Gees...
    I rather fast for a week that consume anything she might come up with.
  6. I hope it gets cancelled after one episode.
  7. ^^^^it most likely will.
  8. All i can say is nooo.
  9. I would watch for sure. Many people have said she is a great cook.
  10. I am a bit intrigued because namely I find it incredulous. Who knows... maybe there is something in that bobblehead of hers...
  11. Well, I don't think a cooking show is fit for her, but who knows she might surprise us. I really think she is trying to change and trying to be a better person, I giver her credit for that. I wish her the best of luck.